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Lamp post fellow

lamp post fellow



This is Truman. I think he should draw more because he’s really good at it.

i love thia


You can now navigate my webcomic Tunnels using arrows on your keyboard rather than clicking the next and previous links. I guess the next step is to get the swipe function working for people using mobiles and devices looking in. I updated the archive page too with a new layout which hopefully is a little more user friendly. I’ve put a new page of Tunnels up so be sure to check it out. I’m hoping to be more dedicated to sticking to the weekly update plan, haha.

page 13


I’ll miss you …

small bye thia

My gorgeous girl is going away for university placement for a few months. She’s my biggest fan. I’ll miss you babe and I hope you have a wonderful time.

Deadlines & Updates

Hi guys. I’m slowly getting some more stuff up on the website. Hooray! After meeting a new friend I’ve convinced myself that having a weekly deadline will help me get my comics rolling. I dread the thought of having to actually meet deadlines, but it’s simultaneously exhilarating to know I’ll be drawing more and getting the story actually happening. Also I want to get more of my old work up, so I’ll continue to make that happen. I’ll be updating Tunnels on Mondays – there I said it!

My new friend is Tony Single, a Brisbane based comic-artist, he’s a very talented artist. You can check his stuff out at his website Crumble Cult. It’s not exactly politically correct (some bits contain nudity, so don’t visit if that upsets you please). I really related with one of his comic strips on hearing aids and found it quite funny when I shared it with another ‘deaf’ friend :)


Hi guys. Happy New Year! I’ve uploaded an old comic called Pulp. Check it out if you like. I recently went to the beach with my bro and friend. It was excellent catching party waves together. I have also been enjoying healthy meals provided by my sister and parents.



Merry Christmas

It’s great to think that this is a season of hope. Merry Christmas to all! I’ve been trying to get more into drawing and less into general bumming around. I’m really quite excited about making comics, I like the idea of telling a story. It’s scary and exhilarating everytime I put pen to paper knowing that I’m crafting something cool. Anyway I wanted to share a photo that I thought I could incorporate into the story sometime a long way down the track (I previously had a similar idea; that’s why I was so excited when I came across it). It’s a picture of Malé, the capital city of the Maldives, but I love the idea of a self-contained city literally on the ocean. Cool huh 😀

Male city



Hello to whomever reads this, I’m slowly getting around to scanning some drawings and pages of comic and putting them up here. This is Marcus:


Well yes, hello!

Hello all. I am slowly putting to pieces the nuts and bolts of my site as I get my head around WordPress. It’s pretty cool mind you, I can say it’s come along way from writing html code in dreamweaver. It’s a lot more simple for dummies like me.

Also I have Photoshop again! Hurrah! What a wonderful and powerful program it is. So I have spent some time creating a banner. I hope you like it! Just so you know, I do enjoy making comics so I will hopefully have some of those making their way onto the website soon enough.